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Dr. Mark Ayzenberg's passion and goal in is to return his patients to the activities they love to do with the least-invasive means possible, resulting in a faster recovery, less pain and less downtime.  He founded Iron Mountain Regenerative Orthopaedics out of this passion.  In this concierge practice, he uses cellular therapy and orthobiologics such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), BMAC (Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate) and others to treat joint, muscle and tendon pain resulting from injuries as well as arthritis and wear and tear - these therapies can often improve pain and function without pills or surgery.  He has a strict focus on the science of orthobiologics and evidence-based treatments - while these treatments can help many people with pain, not everyone is a candidate for these procedures. 

Dr. Ayzenberg's has two main mottos in his approach to patient care:


"I don't treat pictures, I treat patients" - many people may have tears and other injuries on their x-rays and MRIs, but these very often do not require surgery.  Treating the picture (ie. the MRI) is not in the best interest of the patient.


"Less is more" - less pills, less shots, less surgery whenever possible.  Although he is a surgeon, Dr. Ayzenberg focuses on the least invasive way of treating his patients and returning them to the activities that make them happy.  He has excellent reviews and testimonials both from patients who required surgery and those who did not - this is all because he does not rush to conclusions and focuses on the patient's goals and needs with a team approach to patient care.

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Mark Ayzenberg, MD

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